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Overnight Boarding

For all of our other buddies

Pricing per night

Cat Boarding  $28

Bird Boarding $15

Hamster & Guiana Pig Boarding $15

Lizard Boarding $18

Weekend & holiday rates may apply

Packages available, click on discounted packages tab to learn more



Please request dates via the Time to Pet portal as this is the best and fastest way to get a response. Space is limited for our overnight boarding crew based type of animal.

Up to 3 cats per night in our cat room

1- 3 birds per night

We look forward to hosting your pet. Before they stay with us please make sure to book  an overnight boarding trial Monday - Thursday. After their trial you may begin to book any of our services. 

What do we look for in a trial?

First part of the day is ensure your pet can socialize well with other cats while keeping a safe and fun environment.

Cat Overnight Boarding trials required

No overnight boarding trials for birds or other species.


What to bring

What to bring with your pet for any overnight boarding services at Lucky Buddies Pet Sitting.

Drop off location is: 330 N. 11TH ST. San Jose, CA 95112

Please check your drop off time on invoice to ensure you are on time for their drop off. Being punctual is highly appreciated to ensure we stay on schedule with our overnight boarding schedule.

If you are running late please notify us with time in advance or we can schedule a different drop off time.

What to bring

  • Write clear instructions on paper 

  • Food- already proportioned in ziplock bags or include measuring cup if it is not proportioned

  • Litter for cats (no litter boxes needed)

  • If allergies- state on instructions

  • Treats (optional)

For Example:

1/2 cup 2x per day

Mix 1/2 can of wet food

No Chicken

$25 if we provide the litter for cats​

Bird & Hamsters Cage

Please note: pill pockets or pill wraps are needed for any medication that will be administered by our staff. Cheese or meat will not be used to wrap their pills as we want to ensure they take them. In portal add on the administer medication option and in event notes add on detailed instructions.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at 408-805-2484




Your pet will stay in our their dedicated room based on specie. We offer plenty of toys and window views for a comfortable, luxury stay for our indoor pets.

They will be fed up to 3x a day

  • Breakfast 8:20 AM

  • Room cleaning and spending quality time with your pet happens during our hours of 11AM to 1PM 

  • Lunch 12 PM 

  • Dinner 5:00 PM

Before bed time we ensure your pet is doing well has water at all times.

Sunday's Schedule: On Sunday we are closed for daycare but we still host our overnighters. Your pet will still be taken care of per usual and will have playtime during the day. 


Report Cards

During your pets stay you will get a report card through our portal letting your know how your pet is doing. Please allow up to 24 hours before your first report card is sent. Please note: Report cards are not sent everyday but we do our best to keep you updated. For videos please follow our social media outlets @luckybuddies1.

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