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This page is set up to help all pet parents get connected with amazing small business companies that we trust  and would highly recommend.

Furry Faces CBD
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Furry Faces has helped our ambassador Lucky with his anxiety in a car. We have seen a tremendous change when we give him CBD to help him relax and not be stressed out during our car rides. It also has helped Lucky be more calm when we are around a large group friends.


Get in touch:

Instagram @furryfacescbd


Chetakstrong is an amazing company that helps needy animals around the world . They have not only changed our ambassadors life but have also changed many others around the world by creating lightweight wheelchairs for pets in need. We could not thank them enough for everything that have done for Lucky. If you are in need of a wheel chair get in touch with them right away. 

Get in touch:

Instagram @chetakstrong


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