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Pet Pick up & Drop off 

Does your pet need a lift? We can pick up & or drop off!

1-5 Mile Radius $30
5-10 Mile Radius $40

Book pick up & drop off services for same day for $10 off!



Extra Pet Rate
Half Day (up to 6hrs)
Full Day (up to 8hrs)
All Day (up to 10hrs)
Cat Daycare (8AM to 4PM)

Daycare Schedule:

8 AM to 11 AM: Play time and interact with the buddies

11 AM to 1 PM: Nap time (rotation schedule based on who arrived times, lunch, pets needs)

12 PM: Lunch time for pets and staff (there is always a staff member on duty)

11AM to 1 PM: Add on tasks + play time

1 PM to 3 PM: Report cards, showers + play time

3 PM to 6 PM: Pets get picked up while others continue to play or relax 

Please label your buddy's lunch if you would like us to feed them during lunch time!

Forgot their lunch? No worries, we can feed them with our food for +$5.

Discounted packages are available for sale! Check out our discounted packages tab!

Overnight Boarding:

Check out our overnight boarding tab!

Locate our overnight boarding schedule under overnight boarding tab.

Weekend Rate (+$10) or Holiday Rates (+$15) may apply.

Discounted packages are available for sale! 

Dog Walking & Drop-in Visits:

We can go to your home and walk, feed, clean and play with your pets.

1-5 Mile Radius from our location: 404 N. 13th St. San Jose CA 95112

30 Minutes: $30                                 1 Hour: $55

5-10 Mile Radius from our location: 404 N. 13th St. San Jose CA 95112

30 Minutes: $40                                   1 Hour: $65 

Extra rates apply if you are further than 10 miles from us.

Add Ons:

Neighborhood Walks $15 

Extra Pet +$12

Buddy's Favorite

This service is an add-on option if you would like your pet to be taken for a walk around our neighborhood. The total duration of the walk is about 30 minutes and the buddies love it! We run too so let us know if your buddy loves to run! This is a great way for us to bond with your pet if they suffer from any separation anxiety or need additional one-on-one interactions. 

Route may vary based on location & pet behavior. Lucky Buddies Air Tags are added to pets harness while on walks.


Buddies Hikes $50

Sign your pup up for an on-leash hike experience. We take up to 3 dogs at a time per employee. Drop off times are at 9 AM and pick-ups are at 12 PM - 1 PM. The hike is approximately 1 hour. During the hike, we take some awesome photos for you! You may also add on a buddy shower so they are smelling fresh for you at pick up. A drop-off option is also available.

A dog harness is required for the hike Hiking dates are announced via the portal and/or our social media IG/FB @luckybuddies1


Buddies Beach Day $60

We love the beach just as much as your pup! Sign them up for an on or off leash experience at the beach. Drop off times are typically 8 or 9 AM, pick up times are from 1 - 2 PM. Please bring treats for them and a towel. Beach dates are announced via the portal and/or our social media IG/FB @luckybuddies1.


Birthday Hosting Celebration $30

We would love to celebrate your pets birthday at Lucky Buddies! 

What is included:

  • Creative Backdrop

  • Creative content for your pet (Post/Reel and or Pictures sent to you)

  • Hosting and setting up

Feel free to bring your own backdrop and photo props. If you bring balloons please bring them blown up and ready to go for us.

Only non-meat treats please due to allergies.


Administering Medication $5

Need us to administer pills for your pet? We can definitely help with that! 

  • Pill pockets or pill wrap required

Overnight Boarding
Extra Pet Rate
Hamster/Guinea Pig
Dog Hike .HEIC
Freyjas bday.HEIC
Beach day .HEIC
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