What We Offer

Weekend & Holiday Rates May Apply


Meet & Greets

Let's get to know each-other

Our meet and greets are at no cost Monday-Friday for about 15-20 minutes.

Doggy Daycare Center @10:30 AM

Overnight Boarding @ 8:30 AM

Schedule your meet and greet so you can meet our staff and our location. We get to say hello to your furry baby as they get the opportunity to explore our back yard for their first time.

During our meet and greets your pup does not meet the buddies until their evaluation day, which is the first day of doggy day care. 

During their evaluation we look for the following:
How do they socialize with the rest of the buddies? 
How do they do in a crate for 30 minutes? (Overnight boarding pups)

Please note: We do not take in aggressive pets, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety we will work with them as much as we can as long as they do not hurt or cause stress to the rest of the buddies. We do everything in our hands to work with your furry babies. 

Book your meet and greet via the portal.


Doggy Day Care

We will get them tired out for you

1-2 Hours  $25

3-6 Hours  $35
6-8 Hours  $45
8-10 Hours  $65

During doggy daycare, your pet is able to play all day with his or her buddies. If you would like us to feed your pet during lunchtime we can do that. Please put your pet's name on their lunch. However, if you forget their lunch we can feed them with our food at an additional cost.

During our staff's lunchtime, your pet may be crated for about 30-45 minutes. Do not worry they will not miss out on any fun, they also need a break.

Discounted packages are available for sale; Check out our discounted packages tab.


Overnight Boarding

The best for your pet

Dog Boarding $75
Cat Boarding  $28
Hamster/ Guinea Pig Boarding $15

Bird Boarding $15
Lizards $20
Add On:

Neighborhood Walk $15

Cat Litter +$20

Extra Feeding +$10 per day

Need a Vacation? Why not give your furry baby a vacation as well. Your buddy can stay with us at our home and have lots of fun while you enjoy yourself. They will join us for daycare and have supervised play time and much more.

Weekend Rates +$10 or Holiday Rates may apply +$15

Discounted packages are available for sale; Check out our discounted packages tab.


Dog Walking/ Drop-in Visits

We can also go to you, no problem

30-Minutes $30
1-Hour        $55

Drop-in visits (30-Minutes) $30

Additional Pet $5

We can go to your home and walk, feed and or play with your furry baby(s).


Buddies Specialties

Add Ons (Check details below)

  • Neighborhood Walks $15

  • Buddies Hikes $50

  • Buddies Beach Day $60

  • Birthday Hosting Celebration $30

  • Administering Medication $5

  • Additional care (may vary) 

  • Drop off & Pickups Starting at $30

Check out our buddy shower tab for additional details

  • Buddy Shower 

  • Nail Trim $10 

  • Ear Cleaning $6

  • Hair Brush (up to 30 Minutes) $15

  • Teeth Brush $10


Neighborhood Walks


This service is an add-on option if you would like your pet to be taken for a walk to our neighborhood park. The total duration of the walk is about 30 minutes and the buddies love it! We run too so let us know if your buddy loves to run! Occasionally we will walk to Starbucks and get a pup-a-chino for your furry baby!
This is a great way for us to bond with your pet if they suffer from any separation anxiety or need additional one-on-one interactions.

Dog Hike .HEIC

Buddy Hikes


Sign your pup up for an on-leash hike experience. We take about 3-4 dogs at a time. Drop off times are at 9 AM and pick-ups are at 1 PM. The hike is approximately 1-2 hours. During the hike, we take some awesome photos for you. You may also add on a buddy shower so they are smelling fresh for you at pick up. A drop-off option is also available.

A dog harness is highly recommended for the hike

Hiking dates are announced on our announcement page or on social media @luckybuddies1

Beach day .HEIC

Buddies Beach Day


We love the beach just as much as your pup loves the beach! Sign them up for an awesome experience at the beach with his/her friends. Drop off times are typically 8 am-9am pick up times are from 1pm-2pm. Please bring treats for them and a towel. 
Beach dates are announced on our announcement page or social media @luckybuddies1

Pill pockets.jpeg

Administering Medication

$5 per day up to 5 pills

Need us to administer pills for your pup? We can definitely help with that! 

  • Pill pockets or pill wrap required

  •  No cheese or meat to wrap the pill

  •  The best time frames for pill administration are morning, lunchtime, or before bed

Freyjas bday.HEIC

Birthday Celebration Hosting


We would love to celebrate your dog's birthday at Lucky Buddies! 

What is included:

  • Creative Backdrop

  • Creative content for your dog (Post/Reel and or Pictures sent to you)

  • Hosting and setting up

Feel free to bring your own backdrop and photo props. If you bring balloons please bring them blown up and ready to go for us. Treats for the pups are always welcome but nonmeat items are preferred due to allergies. We recommend you bring about 15-20 treats.