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Common Inquiries

Does Lucky Buddies Pet Sitting Accept Intact pets?

Lucky Buddies Pet Sitting will not accept intact pets if they are over 12 months of age. However, if your pet starts showing signs of aggression, dominance, territorial or humping after 7 months of age he or she may need to pause any services until fixed. 
Non-spayed females who are in season cannot visit Lucky Buddies during that time.

What is the maximum number of dogs you take per day?

We take in about 15-20 dogs for doggy day care.
12 dogs for overnight boarding

What is the employee/dog ratio?

1 person per 10 dogs

Most days there will always be 2 employees.

Is there a deposit for doggy day care/overnight stays?

For overnight boarding there is a 50% deposit due at booking. 100% of payment is due at drop off.

For our Pre-paid Buddy Packages 100% is due at check out.

What is needed before a day care visit?

Your pet profile must be fully filled out with vaccination records on file before attending doggy day care or for overnight services. Vaccination records need to be attached on pets profile under "vaccination tab" via the portal.

Required vaccinations are Rabies, DAPP and Bordetella. 

We will also ask for a meet & greet to be scheduled prior to any bookings. Meet & greets can be scheduled through the portal. Your pet will go through a temperament test on the first day of doggy day care to see if they are a good fit for LBPS. Overnight boarding trail required before any overnight boarding stays with us.

Can my pet still attend doggy day care if they are sick?

Please do not bring your dog if they are not feeling well. Also, please notify us immediately if your pet has caught a sickness that is contagious to protect the rest of the buddies.

Are you able to separate my dog if he does not get along with other pets?

We do and can separate small and large dogs. However, we do not take in aggressive pets.

When are payments due and what is your cancellation policy?

Payment Due:
Doggy Day Care- Balance is due within 24-hours of your scheduled visit or the card on file will be automatically charged.
Overnight Boarding- 50% deposit is due at booking confirmation to reserve your pup's stay. If we do not have a deposit for your reservation, it may be canceled at our discretion.
100% is due within 24-hours of your scheduled visit or the card on file will be automatically charged.
Please Note: You can only pay the deposit via the portal desktop and not the Time to Pet App

Payment options:
Lucky Buddies Portal
Venmo @luckybuddies1
Apple Pay & Zelle (408) 805-2484 
(Zelle Payments are preferred when the total amount is higher than $400)
Tips are never expected but always appreciated. 

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Overnight boarding: Deposits are non-refundable if the cancellation occurs within 7 days of the service date. please understand that overnight space is limited and your deposit reserves your buddy's stay.

Doggy Daycare:  Doggy daycare is non-refundable if cancellation is within 24 hours of the scheduled stay as it does not give us enough time to find a doggy to fill up that spot.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes! We are insured. We do our best to create a safe, fun environment for our pets, employees and customers with 24/7 supervision and safety measures. However in rare circumstances a bite or injury can occur. If another pet is bit the owner of the offending dog may be charged a vet service deductible.

Is there parking available when arrival?

Doggy Daycare: Yes 

Overnight Boarding Location: You can park in the parking space right in front of the brown gate on the side of the home. Please only park one car at a time. If the driveway is unavailable, please find parking on the street. To be courteous of our neighbors do not block the shared driveway.

Do you provide food for my pet?

We are more than happy to feed your pet if you wish to purchase a feeding option. However, we do prefer you bring them their own food to avoid their tummy getting upset and or other food allergies.

Is there a late fee policy?

There is a 15-minute grace period before an additional late fee is charged.
16-30 Min +$15
30-45 Min +$30

Are dogs crated at any time of the day/night (overnight boarding)? Where would my dog sleep?

Buddies are crated for our overnight boarding services. They are also crated during lunch time for about 1-2 hours for nap time. During doggy day care they will only be crated if necessary or if nap time is requested by parent. Your pet will sleep in our remodeled first floor doggy area.

Do you take dogs with anxiety or limited social engagements with other dogs?

We do our best with dogs with anxiety or limited social engagements with other dogs. However, after a few sessions and  if your pet puts much stress on other dogs due to excessive growling, aggression, barking, or crying we would be unable to accommodate.

Is your location a facility?

Our doggy daycare location is a facility right around the corner from our overnight boarding location.

Our overnight boarding location is a home-based business where we focus on smaller groups of pets where we can give them all our undivided attention. We operate 100% from our large backyard unless weather does not permit us then we move indoors.

What does your feeding schedule look like?

Breakfast 7 AM-8 AM
Lunch 11 AM-12 PM
Dinner 5 PM-6 PM
During doggy day care we can feed your pet 1 time during lunchtime. All pets are crated or separated to eat their own lunch. If your pet is aggressive with food or has any allergies please let us know and state on their portal information as we give them treats during the day as a group.

Do you accept donations?

We love donations and we are extremely thankful for them. Thank you

Can I pick up my pet late on Sunday?

No late pick-ups on Sundays. We are closed on Sundays for doggy daycare and our pick-up times are 9 AM for our overnight boarding team. If you are unable to pick up at that time we offer drop-offs for your pet within our area and at an additional cost. If no one else can pick up your pet, pick up would be the following business day/morning for our overnighters.
Our overnighters get the chance to play during the day for a few hours per usual. However, Sundays are mainly our days to relax and enjoy our family.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

Yes!  Clear instructions on proper care are needed before approving the service to ensure we are able to accommodate your pet.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

We can walk 2-4 dogs at a time for our neighborhood walks. 2 dogs for any dog walking services.

My dog is not crate trained, can they sleep outside of a crate?

Unfortunately, we are currently not taking in pups that can not sleep in a crate. We hope to have an additional service like this in the future. Many pups that have not slept in a crate still do very well in one so feel free to give it a try. Our pups spend very minimal time in a crate and when they are in their crate they really enjoy it as they get the opportunity to nap and eat meals.

When is a holiday rate charged?

Holiday rates are charged 3 days before and after the actual holiday date for any overnight boarding services.

Holiday Rates will apply to the following:

  • New Years

  • Presidents Day

  • Valentines Day

  • Easter

  • Mother Day

  • Independence Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Fathers Day

  • Labor Day

  • Halloween

  • Veterans Day

  • Thanksgiving 

  • Christmas

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