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Overnight Boarding 

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Overnight Boarding
Extra Pet Rate
2 Family's
Hamster/Guinea Pig
2 Family's
1 Family

Address: 330 N. 11TH ST. San Jose, CA 95112

*Break away collars required* Available for sale at our facilities for $17.99

Weekend (+$10) and/or holiday ($+15) rates may apply

Packages available! Click on the discounted packages tab to learn more.


Please request dates via the Time to Pet portal 

Space is limited for our overnight boarding services

Overnight Boarding Trials Required for cats & dogs

We look forward to hosting your pet! Before they stay with us, please make sure to book an overnight boarding trial Monday - Thursday drop off at 9AM pick up at 9AM next business day. After a successful trial, you may begin to book any of our services (Trials are a paid service)


What do we look for on their overnight boarding trial?

We ensure your pet can socialize well with other pets & do well with our pet handlers while keeping a fun and safe environment. During the overnight portion, we want to ensure your pet can sleep well through the night with out showing signs of anxiety. 

Drop-Off & Pick-up Times

Drop off time(s): 9AM, 11AM, & 1PM

If you have a special request drop off time, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Pick up time(s): Varys if a day service is added. Latest pick up time is 4PM from our boarding facility.

No drop-offs or pick-ups between 11 AM - 1 PM.

330 N. 11TH ST. San Jose, CA 95112

When booking, please include the following information in the notes section:

Dates: x/xx-x/xx

Drop Off: XX AM/PM

Pick Up: XX AM/PM

Please add any extra service here too:

Example: Please add an upgraded buddy bath before pick up + neighborhood walks every day.

Please note: Pick-ups or drop-offs on Sunday are at 9 AM only. Otherwise, pick-up would be scheduled for the next business day.

Once dates are approved, a 50% deposit is due to reserve your pet's spot.

This payment is non-refundable (up to $250 per pet) if cancelled within our cancellation policy.

Please check out our FAQs tab for our cancellation policy.

What to Bring

  • Feeding instructions on paper or on food container (please note: cups versus scoops).

For Example: 1 cup, 2x per day (No Chicken)

  • Food: Already pre-portioned in ziplock bags or include measuring cup if it is not pre-portioned.

  • Litter for cats or $20 fee will be charged

  • Cage for other pets

  • Treats are optional

  • Pill Pockets if any medicine will be administered during their stay

In the reservation, add on the administer medication service and include instructions. (We will review and insure we are able to accommodate) If allergies: state on instructions

Please do not change their portion sizes or switch foods before overnight boarding. Their stomach needs time to adjust to something new and we want to avoid soft bowel movements during their stay. No crates or bowls needed. Please limit & label items brought with your pet.

​​​If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 408-805-2484.

Dog Boarding Schedule

Your pet will be joining us for doggy daycare from 8 AM - 4 PM at our home location. They will be fed up to 3x a day, but please feed them before drop off. 

  • Potty Break 8AM

  • Breakfast 8:20 AM

  • Nap time 11 AM - 1 PM (Neighborhood walks are done during this time, may be earlier based on weather)

  • Lunch 12 PM 

  • Dinner 5:00 PM

At about 9:30 PM, they will be let out one last time to use the restroom before bed. If you would like your pet to have additional nap time, please let us know and we can accommodate that.

Other Pets

Your pet will stay in their dedicated room based on species. We offer plenty of toys and window views for a comfortable, luxurious stay for our indoor pets.

They will be fed up to 3x a day:

  • Breakfast 8:20 AM

Room cleaning and spending quality time with your pet happens during our hours of 11AM to 1PM 

  • Lunch 12 PM 

  • Dinner 5:00 PM


Report Card Updates & Sleeping Space

During their stay, you will get a report card through our portal letting you know how your doggy is doing. Please allow up to 24 hours before your first report card. Report cards are not sent every day but we do our best to keep you updated. For videos, please follow our social media outlets @luckybuddies1 or request our premium report card. 

Premium Report Cards $5 per day

Our new premium report cards are available for any pet that books a service with us like day care, overnight boarding, dog walks and drop in visits. For just $5 our premium report card will include:

(+$2 per additional pet)

  • A daily video of your buddy with a custom message sent directly to you on the portal

  • Photos of your buddy in action or resting

  • Food/ eating behaviors

  • Potty behaviors

  • Any other detailed updates we can provide 

This new report card system is a great addition to the peace of mind Lucky Buddies provides. 

Add the service to your pets stay! You will love it!

Dog Boarding:

We have discovered that our overnight buddies need their resting time as they do not get to go home and rest. It is important for their health that they get to rest throughout the day as they get plenty of exercise here. Your pet will be kenneled at night so they get their own space and it keeps all pets safe during their stay. We have crates of all sizes to accommodate small to large breeds. All kennels have access to water & food and a quiet place for them to nap as instrumental music is played through the day/night.


If your dog is not crate trained, do not worry. After their evaluation we will be discuss next steps with you based on how they do. Many dogs that are not crate trained do well in the crate as they are tired at the end of day and personal space is needed. Please note if your pet suffers from separation anxiety a human does not sleep in the same room as them. 


Lastly, our sleeping area(s) are monitored by home cameras and employees sleep at the home at all times.

​Add On Services:

  • Buddy Hike/Beach Day

  • Neighborhood Walk

  • Bathing & Grooming Services

  • Brush Teeth + Hair Brush

  • Buddy Activity

& many more..

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Premium Report Card

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